Essay: What do you value most? – By The Daily Magician

We love business.

One of the biggest things you learn in business is to drive right to the root of every problem and start there.

Here’s a problem many business people run into:

You’re trying to offer someone a REALLY good deal, but they can’t see it because they’re blinded by smaller goals. 

Which got us thinking…

What smaller goals are blinding us? 

We see this all the time in magic, but here’s just one example. 

Oftentimes when we start getting into magic we move from one dominating thought to another: 

“How can I learn this flourish?” 

“How can I learn this type of effect, without putting in all that work?” 

“What’s the fastest and easiest way to replicate what ‘X’ does without all that practice?” 

These are smaller goals. 

Here’s a bigger goal:

“What kind of magician am I? Am I the kind of magician that even DOES flourishes?”

“How can I offer something unique and special to every person I perform for?” 

“What is the most effective way I can become as good as some of the greats in magic…in my own unique way?” 

See, the first few goals would have you buying gimmicks all day long…

…and a few gimmicks here and there are by no means a bad thing! 

But if you truly want to master the art, or at least, master the art of giving your audience an amazing experience. 

Set bigger goals. 

(we definitely have been recently.) 

The cool thing is…

Once you set the ‘big’ goals, the ‘smaller’ goals will automatically become obvious. 

If you start with the small goals and hop from one to another, you may end up in motion—but not making progress.  

Think about it this way:

Before you climb a ladder, you should make sure it’s leaning against the right wall. 

Setting the right ‘big’ goals is the equivalent of leaning the ladder against the correct wall. Once you have that in place, you’re free to attack the smaller steps and goals, knowing that you’re heading in the right direction.