OPTION 100 by Steven Bridges

Predict a random choice a spectator makes out of 100 options. Practical, fair, and hands-off.


Video Run Time: 27 minutes

This is such a brilliant, disarming and totally fair-looking selection method. 
The utility method is something magicians and mentalists can apply to so many different routines. That's the beauty of it.

Ken dyne

Mentalist, Author of Bairne

I love this method. Super fair and seemingly impossible.

Christian grace

Magician, Creator of Level One

Around 8 minutes into the tutorial I had to grin when I realized how devious the method was.

Great effect and great method, lots of lovely subtleties! Can't wait to use this.

Benji Wilkins

Magician, Mem Deck Expert

A neat alternative to a force bag. (& therefore minus any fiddly bag handling). I dig it.

Sam Coleman

Mentalist & Actor

The Effect: 

You introduce a gift bag. Two spectators join you and look inside the bag to see one hundred folded papers.

You explain that on each you've written a different movie.
You tip some out the bag and encourage the spectators to unfold as many as they like to check they are all different.

You can help the spectators if you like, or you can stand well back to ensure you don't do anything sneaky. It's up to you.

The spectators re-fold the the papers and place them back into the bag, giving the bag a quick shake to ensure the contents are mixed.
You instruct them to reach in and remove any paper and drop it on the table.
Perhaps the other spectator is invited to do the same so a couple of papers are in play for a more dramatic selection procedure.  

Either way, from one hundred options, one option is settled on.

Both spectators are happy that it is undeniably a free choice. 

They unfold the paper to see what they've chosen. 

You reveal your prediction to show you knew what they'd choose all along! 

"Does it work every time?"

Like many mentalism effects, there is the 'best case scenario'. In Option 100, this best case scenario happens around 8 performances out of 10! 

However, every now and again you will not have this best case scenario. This changes the method slightly.

This method change is very small, and doesn't effect the perceived impact of the trick to audiences.

But if that puts you off, don't buy Option 100. 

Important Points:

- The bag is entirely un-gimmicked
- The spectators can look inside the bag at any point
- You do not touch the bag or papers during the selection procedure
- The spectator is the one who unfolds their choice
- Use as many papers as you like
- Works with Gift Bags, Paper Bags, Backpacks etc
- Can predict anything... movies, songs, celebrities, numbers etc
- Prediction can take any form you like
- Easy to perform 

~ The 100% Magic Mastery Money Back Guarantee ~

Ever bought a new magic product and realised it's not nearly as good as you thought?

Yeah me too...

That's exactly why I'm offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

If you don't love Option 100, simply send me an email within 30 days of your purchase requesting a refund, and I'll give you one.

Nice and simple. Like it should be.