OPTION 100 by Steven Bridges

Predict a random choice a spectator makes out of 100 options. Practical, fair, and hands-off.


Video Run Time: 27 minutes

This is such a brilliant, disarming and totally fair-looking selection method. The utility method is something magicians and mentalists can apply to so many different routines. That’s the beauty of it.

Ken dyne

Mentalist, Author of Bairne

I love this method. Super fair and seemingly impossible.

Christian grace

Magician, Creator of Level One

Around 8 minutes into the tutorial I had to grin when I realized how devious the method was.

Great effect and great method, lots of lovely subtleties! Can’t wait to use this.

Benji Wilkins

Magician, Mem Deck Expert

A neat alternative to a force bag. (& therefore minus any fiddly bag handling). I dig it.

Sam Coleman

Mentalist & Actor