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If you’ve been studying magic for a while, you’ll know it’s a really rewarding pursuitBut have you ever felt any of these frustrations?

A blurry picture of when Benji ( met me after a show.

Sometimes it can be tough to know the best way to study, and it can be even harder to motivate yourself to actually put the work in.And it doesn’t help that magic companies are bombarding us with gimmicked one trick releases that are ‘easy’. ‘Easy’ doesn’t make us better – but it’s what sells.My goal has always been to master the craft. I want to be like my heros in magic. I want to get as skilled as possible!

I think there’s a lot of people like me, who want to, as grandiose as it sounds, achieve masterynot just learn a bunch of tricks.

Think about it, if you achieve MASTERY, you’ll be able to…


Whether a trick is easy or difficult wouldn’t be relevant.
 You’d learn the best method, regardless of difficulty.

Captivate your audience

Your showmanship and entertainment skills would be high.
You’d have a unique style, bringing YOU to performances, not just cloning other entertainers.

create your own incredible effects

You’d understand exactly what it takes to create a powerful effect that astonish audiences. 

If you share these aims, I can help you.

Introducing Magic Mastery

Magic Mastery is a membership program for magicians that share the same vision of mastery (that’s why it’s in the title!).Imagine a study group of magicians that come together to learn magic technique, showmanship skills, and study great performers in our industry.

It’s for people who want to become truly great and aren’t afraid to put in the work to do so. Before I get into specifics, let me tell you a little about myself. After all, who am I to create this membership?

Who am I?

My name is Steven Bridges. I’ve been studying magic for 18 years.

My performances on YouTube have been viewed over 26,000,000 times and I’ve gained a subscriber base of nearly 200,000.

I’ve been trusted by huge movie studios to work with celebrities such as Donald Glover and Brad Pitt on films as a magic consultant.

I’ve done thousands of street performances as well as working in high end venues such as The Playboy Club in London as the resident magician.

I also have a nice beard – but maybe that’s less relevant? 

By no means am I a master, I’m still putting my 10,000 hours in!

But after years of trial and error studying magic,

I understand what it takes to achieve mastery.

And I want to help you achieve it. 

Magic Mastery Members get all of this…


Strong magic effects to add to your arsenal including some of my own material I’ve never published before.

Sleights and techniques

I don’t believe in taking the ‘easy route’. I believe in taking the route that’s the most effective to achieving the desired effect. That’s why there’s an ever growing library of useful sleights and techniques I feel like more magicians need to know

Performance Analysis

I break down your performances as well as my own past performances and performers that we admire. I explain what works well and what could be improved. 

Theory breakdown

I take the best advice in showmanship and magic theory and break it down into easy to understand videos with examples. Please don’t underestimate how useful this will be. THIS is what helps you become one of the greats. 

Member Challenges

I set challenges that are designed to help you improve as a magician. Members that opt in to a challenge are given a specific set of criteria to work with. Challenges are a great way to push yourself and members have seen noticeable improvements after completing a challenge.

The Workshop & Practice sessions

Sometimes it can be tough to motivate yourself to practice. That’s why I run regular practice sessions where members hop on a live call and we all sit and practice together. Sometimes we study a particular sleight or effect and I walk you through it. And other times we all just work on our own thing. This creates the perfect environment for you to make serious progress with your magic!

a supportive COMMUNITY

Have you ever chimed in with a question on a magic forum only to be cut down by other magicians for asking a ‘stupid question’? I’ve avoided magic forums for years for this reason.  Together, we are creating a facebook community that supports each other and helps each other grow. Anyone not inline with our community guidelines will be removed from the membership. It’s that simple. 

BOok CLub  (Optional)

Every three months I pick a high quality book that I think will add value and improve your skills as a magician. Members have the option to purchase that book and join the community in studying this book together.  I provide videos to help explain sleights and routines, as well as my own ideas and adaptations of some of the effects.

Win Win Win – You learn better, the author is supported, the publisher is supported.This is also known as Magic Mastery Plus.

In the members area, you get instant access to:

Performance Analysis Videos

Learn from my breakdown of member’s performances.

Theory videos

Easy to apply, results focused theory videos that help enhance your performances.


A library of practical and useful card/coin sleights to add to your arsenal. 


Five of my best routines that have been watched over 1 million times on YouTube.

Member challenges

Two challenges you can take part in straight away to make improvements to your magic.

Thought Link (cheeky bonus)

I’ve also thrown in my ebook Thought Link, which Atlas Brookings said, “should be in every 21st century Mentalist’s repertoire”.

Friend Of The Daily Magician?You’ll Also Get The Magician Tips Series For Free

 (Just For You!)

This popular 8 part mini-series that is no longer available in full anywhere else! 

You’ll learn: 

– My unconventional approach to dealing with difficult spectators

– How learning bad magic can actually make you a better magician (particularly in sleight of hand!)

– My easy scripting technique for people that hate scripting (and don’t want to sound like a robot)

– My ‘Magician Fooler’ presentation you can plug in to any effect to make it play stronger

– And five other useful tips that will help make you a better performer!

Here’s what Magic Mastery Members say…

Neven Mazic

Founding Member

The amount, but also the quality of advice I get on how to improve my magic from Steven, but also from other members, is worth the monthly subscription alone, not to mention mind blowing effects and sleights Steven teaches on the platform. Finally, Steven is a suuuuper nice guy and getting a cheerful comment from him always makes my day!

Mika Harris

Founding Member

Magic Mastery has been an amazing resource and community since I joined. Steven is an amazing teacher and his videos are high quality making it very easy and enjoyable to follow along. The first challenge got me off my butt and thinking about structuring routines and how it flows. Currently working on the second challenge that Steven has issued, and it really is motivating to see other people take part. I think it’s a brilliant resource, especially the video tutorials for the ideas in books, it really helps to be able to follow along.

DarRyl Brooks

Founding Member

As we know, anyone can do a magic “Trick”. However, if you are serious about your magic and want to learn how to make that “trick” truly magical, I highly recommend Steven Bridges’ Magic Mastery [membership].[Steven] is a superb teacher. The content provided in the course is fun, clearly explained and demonstrated.

30-Day Guarantee

The Magic Mastery 


No-hassle 30 day guarantee!

I am proud to offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. I don’t know about you, but I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve purchased a magic related product and been really disappointed with it. And often getting a refund is impossible because “you know the secret”.I run Magic Mastery to help magicians on their journey to achieve mastery!

 That is the goal. That is the vision!I’m confident that Magic Mastery will:

If you join MM, and don’t experience those benefits, at any time within the first 30 days of being a member, you can claim a 100% refund, no questions asked. 

All you need to do is send me an email with the subject ‘Refund’. 

That email will ping through to my phone and as soon as I see it I will drop everything (even if I’m mid-way through the latest episode of The Walking Dead) and process your refund instantly. Because in all honesty, I want Magic Mastery to revolutionise your magic. And if it doesn’t do that, I do not deserve your money!And I’ll eat my cards!(okay, maybe not literally eat them, Bicycle stock is tough)

Join Magic Mastery Today

Magic Mastery is currently only $23.30 per month. As you’re mates with Jacob and Benji at The Daily Magician you also get The Magician Tips Series for free. Not only that, but I’m also giving you 25% off your first month!

As Magic Mastery grows, it is likely the price will increase for new members. But by joining today, you lock in this price for as long as you’re a member. Ain’t that nice? 

Join Magic Mastery Now! 25% Coupon Applied.

$17.47 for the first month then $23.30 per month, billed monthly. Cancel anytime.

“What if I hate it?” and other Questions…

I’m already in The Daily Magician  Inner Circle, should I still join?

 Yes! I love the Inner Circle.Magic Mastery perfectly compliments The Inner Circle.  We focus on different elements of magic, so joining both is an excellent way to expand your magic knowledge and help you grow as a performer. I’m a member of The Inner Circle, and Jacob & Benji are in Magic Mastery. 

I’m a mentalist, is this for me?

Mentalism is covered at times, but it is not the main focus. There are currently three pretty stellar mentalism effects in the membership.Mentalists will find the value in the theory videos and video breakdowns but will get less out of the sleights and effects in general.

We do have members that are pretty much exclusively mentalists, so you wouldn’t be alone. 

I’m a beginner, is this for me? 

Although Magic Mastery is designed for intermediate and advanced performers, some members are beginners and love Magic Mastery.

A willingness to learn and practice is all that’s really needed. 

Are you gonna teach me a ton of new tricks?

You will learn strong magic effects, but the main focus is on helping you become a better magician overall. 


If your focus is to mainly learn a load of new

tricks, Magic Mastery isn’t a good fit for you. 

How’s the book club work? 

When a new book is chosen, I email members giving them the opportunity to purchase the book. As well as getting the book, you’ll get access to a book specific section on the site with tutorials for some of the effects/sleights in that book.  

Shipping is worldwide. 

Is it all Card Magic?

No. Although the focus is on close-up magic, so naturally we will cover a lot of cards. 

Other content currently includes coin magic, bill magic and mentalism.

What if I hate it? 

Given the effects, sleights, theory videos, practice sessions, challenges, video breakdowns and more, I’ll be surprised if you hate it. But if you do regret joining, you can claim my ‘You’ll-Absolutely-Love-This-Or-I’ll-Eat-My-Cards, no hassle, 30 day money back guarantee. All you do is email me asking for a refund and I’ll give you one, no questions ask. Easy! 

Why so cheap/expensive?

Magic Mastery takes a lot of work to run and provide content and challenges that help. 

I’ve tried to keep the cost affordable and for what you get I think it’s really fair. 

I have another question…

Email me:

“I have nothing but positive things to say about [Magic Mastery].”– Eric Arnall

If you feel like you’ve gotten off track with your magic and want to re-focus on becoming truly great at the craft,  Magic Mastery is for you.

I’m here to personally help you get better as a performer, and I’ve got a ton of resources to help make that happen!

Join Magic Mastery Now! 25% Coupon Applied.

$17.47 for the first month then $23.30 per month, billed monthly. Cancel anytime.