9 things I learned from 9 of the greatest magicians of our time!

“I liked this. I’ll look back to this a lot” – anonymous

“A potent micro-dose of golden advice.” – Ollie Mealing

Over the last 19 years of studying magic, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the best magicians of our time. I’ve picked their brains and discovered gems of advice that I never  would have figured out on my own!

In this free PDF, you’ll get advice from the masters. Advice you can start applying immediately to your magic and see results!

You’re about to learn:

One sentence Dani DaOrtiz said during his masterclass that changed the way I look at false shuffles (it was one of those rare, mic drop moments)

– A quick bit of ‘environment engineering’ Greg Wilson used to instantly improve his act (even the jokes were funnier, though nothing about his act had changed)

Two words Ben Earl said to me that flipped my approach to card magic on its head!- The one question Darwin Ortiz came up with that I now ask before working on any idea (and why it’s so important)

– And much more from Derren Brown, Ken Dyne, Ollie Mealing and James Brown

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