Bairn by Ken Dyne

41 hard-hitting mentalism routines for mentalists performing close up, parlour and on stage taken directly from Ken Dyne’s professional working act.

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"Wow... fantastic... not one, not two but a whole book on remarkable ideas and effects.

These effects will smack your audience in the face. You can tell that these are not pipe dreams, they are the work of a professional who has sorted out each and every little nuance to get the most bang from the presentations.

I love the fact that unlike most routines that have a set conclusion, Kennedy has worked hard to give us a surprise ending, a smack in the face that will bring the most skeptical person to their feet.

 I love this thinking and will be adding some of these ideas to my own mentalism tool box." 


The Most Important Book Since Maximum Entertainment.

Atlas Brookings

The routines and ideas are solid and feature a fresh, unique approach. 

It was one of the few books I've read this year that, after finishing it, I had to put on my list to read again.

I can guarantee you'll, at least, find quite a few ideas to get you really excited, if not entire routines that you can adapt to your style and put right into your act.


I'm lucky to have been close friends with Ken for close to 2 decades. 

I'm always amazed at not only the effects he creates, but how he's thought of everything

His attention to detail in terms of effect design is fantastic. Everything is very well thought out. 

Predictigram in particular, is one of the cleverest methods I've come across in quite some time!

Steven Bridges

"I’ve been working on this book for literally 3 years. It contains pretty much every complete routine that I have created and performed since my very first mentalism release back in 2005. A lot can happen in 9 years, especially when your clients keep expecting you to turn up each year with a new show.

Inside Bairn you will find material I’ve used at corporate events, at public shows in theatrescastles and restaurants, and for the first time I’m opening up the floodgates to all of my informal, social closeup pieces too."

  • Step Up. Volunteers step forward when they sense you are holding their unseen drawings in this routine that I co-created with Banachek (name drop!)

  • Theo and Cassidy Walk In To A Bar In Ostin. The surprise finale to Cassidy’s classic Name/Place routine that I’ve been using in parlour for 4 years now that most performers thing I must have pre-showed. I didn’t And here is the full skinny.

  • Mr Golden Balls” My presentation and surprise killer ending for Kureutsuke-type bag and balls effects.

  • Accidental Magic Square. The surprise ending for a magic square that is exciting, unexpected and logical.

  • Fussy Eater. An opener I’ve used and loved that also gives a great rational to giving restricted choices using a sandwich and a soft drink.

  • The One Short Way To Play Fair. My favourite close-up card effect.

  • Bookend. A whole act in three parts that delivers a surprise punch that knocks the audience dead at the end of your show.

41+ effects suitable for stand up, close up and a bunch of stories and subtleties from my career so far over the past 12+ years performing mentalism professionally around the world under all kinds of conditions.

The book is presented in a hard-hitting, entertaining way that is not for the easily offended. All professionally illustrated and laid out by Phill Smith. Bairn will shock you!